Extracurricular activities refer to district-approved and school-sponsored organizations that offer leadership development and guided practice opportunities.

By providing avenues to apply skills, attitudes, and knowledge, these activities enrich student preparation for their post-secondary experiences.

The goal of promoting student engagement and participation in extracurricular activities is to foster well-rounded citizenship. At Housman, the Health Fitness class's physical education program is highly interactive from start to finish. Students learn fundamental skills that not only help them excel in athletics but also provide unique experiences such as skating and swimming lessons.

The music instruction at Housman is also engaging and interactive, with the music teacher showcasing student talent through a holiday musical and a Spring Show annually. Fifth-grade students also participate in the district choir festival.

Art classes inspire students to take risks and be creative, fueling their limitless curiosity. They can showcase their artistic abilities through the Housman Art Show and competitions like the Rodeo Art.